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We're Back!

It's been a minute since we have been able to gather, in-person to learn, celebrate and network our profession. We are thrilled to invite you to our 100th Annual State Conference, November 11 & 12 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort!

As we all know, planning anything in times like these can feel like planning the unknown. When we knew we would be able to gather for our 100th annual State Conference in person, we knew it would have to look different this year. 

Why is it different?

At the time of preliminary planning, conference and event centers were held to different capacity guidelines than restaurants and other spaces that were at 50% capacity….they were only allowing 25% occupancy. As we monitor the Delta variant, we are keeping social distancing and room size at the forefront of program planning.

What’s different?

We have a concentrated lineup to focus on key factors that most impacted us all. The day is divided into two sections, a hands-on interactive session on the new proposed Health and PE state standards and outcomes in the morning, and a “Ted-Talk style”, keynote spotlight hour kick-off to the afternoon followed by keynote-hosted breakout sessions. The conference programming is also concentrated on one day to allow for a more affordable experience from a time and monetary perspective. 

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Morning Sessions: Proposed Standards and Outcomes Workshop

Hosted by members of the standards committee, this session examines the new proposed state standards and outcomes. The new standards format is more skills-based as opposed to the previous outdated content knowledge-based standards. Our new academic standards reflect current trends, practices, and concepts as well as appropriate terminology. Participants will be provided time to work with the new outcomes, applying them to areas in their own curricula, and will be aware of how the shift to skills-based standards will encourage all students to be lifelong and healthy learners. The outcomes presented in this session are introduced in such a way that they can be updated on a yearly basis to stay current with changing trends and practices. In order to access the information, participants are encouraged to bring their own technology to the session.

Afternoon Sessions

Keynote Spotlight Hour

One of the most important parts of conferences (other than learning and networking!) is leaving with your "tank full." The motivation we get from a well-planned conference helps fuel us as we return back to our classrooms and do what we HPE teachers do best every day, impact lives! The Keynote spotlight hour is sure to do that. Each speaker will touch on the highlights that they will explore on a deeper level in their breakout sessions. Think, “ted-talk” style; short, impactful, and meaningful.


Keynote Hosted-Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions will allow participants to take a deeper dive into pertinent topics highlighted by the keynote speakers in a workshop form. Designed to allow for maximum networking and interaction, the breakouts will allow us to have one of the most important things missing in the past year, the chance to meet in person and learn and network without a computer screen. Participants can select two of the afternoon sessions to attend. Learn more about the breakout sessions here!

What is the Same?

All this talk of what is different leads us to what stays the same. Quality, deep-dive learning that will allow you to leave with new ideas, connections, motivation, and a stronger professional network.

There is so much to reflect on and learn after the landscape in schools was drastically changed. Teachers adapted and learned so much to provide quality learning and content to their students. Our 100th annual state conference is the place to share your successes and lessons learned along the way. SHAPE PA is committed to ensuring you have access to all of this and more in an effective, accessible, and most importantly safe way. We can’t wait to see you at the Springs!