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What is the ONE Ride?

The ONE Ride was born out of necessity to combat the mental health crisis. The statics are staggering. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2018;

  • 29% percent of high school students in Pennsylvania reported they felt sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks in a row and, consequently, stopped doing some of their usual activities
  • 12% of adolescents ages 12-17 reported they had at least one major depressive episode.
  • 15% of high school students said they seriously considered attempting suicide.

We can't just ride out this mental health crisis, we need to take action. Through education, programs, and services, schools are one of the most efficient systems for improving and promoting emotional well-being and mental health in children and youth. For this reason, raising awareness and funds to support programs to improve the mental and emotional health of children across Pennsylvania is the foundation and purpose of the 2020 Capital to Capitol – ONE Ride.  

The maiden voyage of the Capital to Capitol – ONE Ride was in July of 2012. And now, back for our third adventure and by popular demand, it is still the mission of the ONE Ride directors, support team, and cyclists to focus on increasing the overall health and wellness of school-aged kids. Following the same route as the 2012 and 2013 ONE Rides, the 2020 Capital to Capitol ONE Ride cyclists will begin their journey at the state-level in Harrisburg, PA (the Commonwealth Capital) and culminate at the federal level in our nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C. 

The purposes of the 2020 ONE Ride are as follows: 1) to show support and raise awareness for mental and emotional health of school-age children across the Commonwealth; and, 2) to raise funds for mini-grants that will support the planning and implementation of interventions that are focused on improving and promoting the emotional well-being and mental health of students.

How Do I Register?

Register Today!

To register for the ONE Ride, individual cyclists must commit to paying a flat registration fee and/or raising a total of $500.00. Because we are limiting ridership to the first 30 paid participants, cyclists should quickly secure their ONE Ride spot by registering online. If needed, we also will limit Support Crew numbers, as well. For the ONE Ride Cyclists and Support Crew members who believed and participated in ONE Ride 2012 or 2013, we are having a special “Renegade Registration” for you beginning on Sunday, March 01st. You will have one week to reserve and secure your spot. On March 08th, registration will then open to all interested participants. When you register online, you will pay your first $100.00 fee. That fee is strictly for registration purposes and to temporarily hold your spot for the ONE Ride. Please note, the $100.00 is non-refundable and tax-deductible. 

Once you have registered online for the event and paid the $100.00 registration fee, cyclists are then expected to raise an additional minimum of $400.00 for ONE Ride 2020, totaling $500.00. Please note, the totals are only minimal amounts. Our hope is that cyclists and support crew will find plenty of sponsors who want to help you raise the most money possible for this important cause. (Please check the “Important Dates” form online for when forms and pledges are due.)

For the ONE Ride cyclists, final receipt of the total of $500.00 ($100 online registration + $400.00 minimum in pledges) by Sunday, May 24th, guarantees the following:

  1. Reserved spot on ONE Ride 2020
  2. A ONE Ride 2020 t-shirt
  3. Your first night of accommodations on the ONE Ride
  4. SAG Wagons – Support Vehicles along the route
  5. Participant gear transportation to an evening destination
  6. Return trip transportation from Washington, D.C. to Harrisburg
  7. Last but not least: Camaraderie + Advocacy for an Important Cause + Passion + Fun!

Where Does the Money I Raise Go?

Once registration and operating costs for the ONE Ride have been paid, monies raised will be deposited with the Pennsylvania State Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (PSAHPERD) and earmarked and distributed through grants with a focus on planning and implementation of interventions that are focused on improving and promoting the emotional well-being and mental health of students in Pennsylvania. 

PSAHPERD is a non-profit organization and provides leadership, advocacy, and professional development to Health and Physical Educators is focused on improving the overall health and wellness of school-aged kids and youth across Pennsylvania. 

To limit the ONE Ride 2020 operating costs, the ONE Ride Team is working on securing as many donations as possible. Please, join us in identifying sponsors who can donate money, services, or products. If you have an idea for a ONE Ride sponsor, please, contact the ONE Ride Director for Advocacy and Sponsorships - Kim Razzano at [email protected].

How Do I Solicit Pledges and Sponsorships?

Once you have registered online for the ONE Ride, you can find a link on the site for the “ONE Ride Pledge Sheet,” as well as information about pledge levels, prizes, and awards for those individuals and businesses that make significant contributions to sponsor you and the ONE Ride. 

The due date for the additional pledge money is Sunday, May 24th, 2020. Please, have your donors/sponsors make checks out to PSAHPERD. When you are ready to submit final amounts - $400.00 (ONE Ride cyclists) or $200.00 (Support Crew), send your pledge sheet (please, make a copy for your own records) and checks to the following address: PSAHPERD, Attn: Jessica Peconi Cook, P.O. Box 79097• Pittsburgh, PA, 15216

What if I Do Not Want to Ride, but I would LOVE to be part of the ONE Ride Support Crew?

The logistics of making this ride happen requires the efforts of many people. So yes, if you want to be part of the ONE Ride Support Crew, we can use you! The following is an abbreviated list of tasks, jobs, and services we might need.

  1. Drivers for SAG Wagons (support vehicles), equipment truck, and bike transport truck
  2. Individuals to wait at check-in points along the route to check off cyclists as they arrive
  3. Medical personnel to ride in SAG wagon
  4. Individuals to help with organizational issues, including registration, on the evening before (Wednesday, June 24th) and morning (Thursday, June 25th) the ONE Ride
  5. Individuals to serve, if needed, as contacts/liaisons for media and advocacy opportunities at the beginning (Harrisburg) and end (Washington, D.C.) of ONE Ride
  6. Individuals to serve as “runners” and “go-fers.”

Because this is an “All for ONE” team event and everyone is working hard (from the last rider in for the day to the SAG drivers and everyone in between), for 2020 we expect everyone on the ONE Ride Support Crew to register and raise a minimum of $200.00. As with the ONE Cyclists, the ONE Ride Support Crew will receive their first night of accommodations on Day 1 of the ONE Ride (June 25th), a t-shirt, and promised camaraderie and memories. As with cyclists, ONE Ride Support Crew members are responsible for securing their second night of accommodations.

What if I Tried to Register for the ONE Ride, but It Was Already Closed?

The ONE Ride Directors and Support Crew have a very big job to accomplish. On top of meeting our professional goals for the ONE Ride, we also have to get all of our cyclists from Harrisburg, PA to Washington, D.C. safely and without incident. Thus, in the interest of safety, we have decided to limit our cyclists to 30. If ONE Ride 2020 quickly fills and closes, then we will maintain a waitlist for anyone who wants to bump into a vacated spot. A cyclists spot could open for the following reasons:

  • On May 24th, the minimum amount required to ride of $500.00 is due to the PSAHPERD office. On that day, as noted on other forms, if cyclists have not paid/raised the $500.00, then that participant relinquishes their spot on the ONE Ride. In that instance, we will contact the first person on the waitlist.

  • A previously registered cyclist decides they would rather be part of the ONE Ride Support Crew or not be part of ONE Ride 2020.

If you are on a waitlist and contacted to take the spot of a canceled rider, all other requirements to participate in the ONE Ride will have to be met.

What if I Have Questions? Who Should I Contact?

  • Ride registration, training, overnights, route, etc. contact the ONE Ride Project Director, Kelly Boyd at [email protected]

  • Advocacy, fundraising, and sponsorships contact the ONE Ride Director for Advocacy and Sponsorships: Kim Razzano at [email protected]