The Results are In: Conference Feedback Revealed

We asked, and you responded. We listened, and we planned.

We were so overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of thoughts and ideas that were shared by teachers across the state as we began to format our 2022 State Conference. So, what did you ask for?

Barriers to Attend

The top three barriers to attending the conference reported from our survey and two Zoom calls were:

  • Time off
  • Funds to attend
  • Lack of district support

Shortening the conference to a one-and-a-half-day format allows for less time away from school, and fewer funds needed for multiple overnight stays in a hotel. We know district support can be an issue. (Don’t forget about our Letter of Support to help justify the importance and benefits of PD for teachers!)

Topics, Topics, Topics!

What do you crave at your next PD opportunity? The stand out topics we heard from our community were sessions on:

  • Anything activity-based
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • State Standards
  • Did we mention activity-based?
  • Instant activity sessions/low-organized games for large classes
  • Health Education focused-sessions
  • Mental Health Topics for Students and Teachers

(Thinking about submitting a session? Use these topics as a guide to help meet the needs of our attendees!

Session Style:
An overwhelming number of teachers favor the activity/group work and collaboration style settings over a lecture style. HPE people want to move?! We get it, we do too. And trust us, we know, we know, our 2021 conference at Seven Springs proved to have a little more sitting than usual given the circumstances. *Scouts honor* we will make up for that at Spooky Nook! 

What Did We Learn?

We learned that our community shows UP when something is asked. The number of responses we had to the survey in a short amount of time surpassed our expectations. We will always and forever ask for your feedback to help SHAPE what we do because we exist…for you!!

Thank you again for the time you all took to complete the survey, hang with us on Zoom, or send a follow-up email. We are always here for the feedback…the good, the constructive, and everything in between! Hope to see you think December at Spook Nook! 

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