We are Headed to Seven Springs!

We are Headed to Seven Springs!

 As our organization celebrates its 100th year, we are taking time to pause, focus and celebrate. The landscape of Health and Physical Education has been challenged and changed drastically in recent times and is more than ever a priority needed in our schools. After two school years of navigating this new landscape, we are more than ever grateful to celebrate our teachers, membership, and those who have served our organization.

So, are you ready to join us in person to celebrate?!

Join us on November 11& 12th for our 100th annual state conference. The theme for this year's conference is Reflect, Reimagine, Reset. 

These actionable words are so important in many facets of education. As teachers, we reflect on a lesson so we learn from mistakes and become better teachers. When we reflect on how well students perform on an assessment, we use it as a powerful tool to check for understanding and learning. Reflecting on our “why” and creating learning targets to master skills and objectives helps us make a plan to increase understanding for all learners. Reflecting also provides a deep dive into current best practices, standards, and more. Reflecting helps not only students but for us as teachers to grow. 

Change is necessary for progress. Progress takes creativity, imagination, and energy! As educators, we have been challenged more than ever. We need to reimagine how we provide instruction and build relationships with our students. We need to reimagine how we build and retain relationships in a virtual/hybrid/social distance setting. We need to reimagine best practices and standards to reflect appropriate instructional content and practices for present times. 

Providing effective and efficient instructions can take a toll on educators. More than ever, educators worked hard to stay ahead. They became magicians with technology, artists with creativity, and dug deeper for stamina to continue at a high pace without much allowance for self-care. It is a time to reset and take a much-needed break. What have we learned that worked? What self-care practices that we preach to our students should become practices of our own? How can we share with other HPE teachers to give them a kick start to begin the 2021-2022 school year? We hope to see you back at Seven Springs, a home away from home for us for many years where educators, colleagues, and friends we will connect to Reflect, Reimagine and Reset. Registration opens June 1st, we hope to see you there!  

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