Finding The Summit

Finding The Summit

By definition a summit is:

  1. the highest point of a hill or mountain.
  2. the highest attainable level of achievement.
  3. a meeting between people who are interested in the same subject.

When we tried to think of a name for the relaunch of our professional journal, it only seemed fitting that after a year of what seemed like uphill climbing, we landed on the name, The Summit. While we saw metaphors in the first two parts of the definition, we had our “A-HA!” moment with the third...a meeting between people interested in the same subject. Over 6,300 of you supported our efforts in advocating for Health and Physical Education this year when proposed legislation threatened to cut programs in lieu of athletic substitution. Hundreds of teachers join us monthly, (virtually!) while watching live webinars, or catching up with the recordings later. For the past 100 years, HPE teachers have rallied together at our conferences and workshops to ensure they have access to the most up-to practices, content, and resources to continue their own professional growth. So yes, The Summit just felt right.

Oftentimes, what we do as HPE professionals can feel like an uphill battle against budget cuts, fighting for time to see our students and constantly reminding people of our value while we fight day in and day out to improve the overall wellness of students in PA. Our publication is a way to dive deeper into topics pertinent to now, and, thanks to an electric platform it’s accessible anytime, anywhere for you, our members. Interested in submitting an article for The Summit? Please reach out to editor Matt Cummiskey at [email protected].

If overall health and wellness is the top of the summit we aim to reach, we know when we work together to educate and advocate, that summit is achievable one step, one teacher, and one student at a time.


The Summit is a free publication for current SHAPE PA members. We hope you'll log in to your member profile and check it out today!


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