New Year begins with Last Year's Lessons

If anything we learned anything in that year that shall remain nameless, it’s fair to say we learned A LOT, and perhaps, are still processing those lessons. One big take-away as an organization we have is the gratitude for those teachers, former board members, and volunteers who helped us get here. Where is here you may ask? To our 100th year!!! It’s time to celebrate (big time!) our past, present and keep building a strong future. So guess what? We are going to do just that. 

Since 1988 I have been a part of SHAPE PA and I am honored to now have the opportunity to be your President. It is my turn to give back to this amazing organization. From my student teaching experiences during my undergrad at Slippery Rock University to my days participating in sessions at Seven Springs to bringing all the learning back into the classroom at Lower Moreland High School; SHAPE PA has been there every step of the way. I am blessed to work in such an empowering profession. It is my hope that I can continue to be a part of helping others grow in their profession, networking, and passion for teaching.

In honor of our 100th year, follow along with #SHAPEpaCentury as I use social media to share:

  • 100 ways our profession is powerful
  • Gratitude to colleagues 
  • Tips and tricks of the HPE trade
  • Straight up celebrations of this amazing milestone!

Who's ready to get this #SHAPEpaCentury celebration started?! Use the hashtag to join us in the celebration on social media. Stay tuned next week for exciting announcements about our 2021 professional development plan and rebranding and relaunch of our professional journal. I look forward to taking this journey with you all.

-Deborah Lawlor
2021 SHAPE PA President

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