20/20 Vision

Oh, the irony that a rollercoaster of a year marked 2020 shares the same numbers as what ophthalmologists use to mark normal vision, 20/20. 

I don’t know about you, but personally, for me looking back on the past 4-ish months I somehow feel that time has flown and it’s also stood still. How is that possible? 

As an organization, I can tell you we were still feeling the energy from our 2019 conference at Spooky Nook. Based on feedback from attendees, we adjusted our conference deadline dates, shifted the award nomination and application process and registration windows all to benefit our attendees. 2020 was our building year to take professional development to the next level. Watching back on the highlights had us all so amped up for seeing you all in 2020 at the beginning of December. 


Enter COVID. 

Despite all of the incredible challenges we faced and still continue to sort through, there is so much opportunity for us as a profession to connect, converse, and grow. Organizationally, we are committed to just that. 

We will never be able to replicate the energy and enthusiasm we flock to at in-person PD events on an online platform, but we can and will get pretty darn close. One of our goals organizationally is to provide more communication and PD opportunities throughout the year. Starting in August, we have just that. Each month will have at least two webinars or online networking events. Our online conference will shift to a heavily concentrated month of PD in January utilizing a new Learning Management System to house the live videos and past recordings. Think if it as one-stop shopping to enhance your learning and professional growth! We need your help in two ways: 

Apply to present
Let us know what you need to learn
Those that submitted a proposal for the in-person will be contacted if additional info is needed for the shift to the online platform.    Our tracks will focus on the following categories: 
  • Elementary Health/Physical Education 
  • Secondary Health/Physical Education
  • Equity/Diversity/Inclusion
  • Advocacy
  • Self-Care

To determine vision status, be it 20/20 or not, an eye chart is used to measure visual acuity, clearness, or sharpness of vision. As the year rolls on we are asking you, our members to be our eye chart. Reach out, communicate. Tell us what you need and how we can do a better job of meeting those needs. As teachers, we use assessment in all forms to gauge how our content is being delivered and absorbed. Before I left the classroom after eight years of teaching to work with our wonderful organization, I believed we taught the most important subject out there. That feeling today has only multiplied. How can we best support and prepare you for your upcoming school year so you can best support your students and school communities? Let us know, we’re here for you. Know that as an organization we are ready to meet your needs and pivot as the times and situations require. 

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