PSAHPERD Organizational Updates

Hello, PSAHPERD Members! While it’s the end of the school year for many, it’s the mid-way point in our new organizational structure, and still the beginning for us!

We are thrilled to update you on some of the work thus far from the Board of Directors. The work completed would not be possible without:

  • Collaboration and work from our board of directors and committees 
  • Non-profit expert, JaneAnne Regan (strategic plan)
  • Attorney Susan Ott (updated bylaws to ensure we are in compliance with PA law)
  • Feedback from our membership collected over the past two years

We will continue to post monthly updates to keep you in the loop! The first round of updates we would like to share with you consists of:

Strategic Plan

As a 501c3 organization, it is critical for us to set a realistic and measurable strategic plan so we can advance our mission and best serve our membership.  Our board of directors and the strategic planning committee is dedicated to setting measurable goals, priorities for implementation, and revisiting our strategies on an ongoing basis. In order to do so, we worked with JaneAnne Regan of Regan Management Consultants, LLC, to formulate our strategic plan. We were also fortunate to work with a team of interns from the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business to help collect data on member needs and expectations of benefits, professional development, and publications.

From both of these processes, objectives and a three-year implementation timeline has been developed focusing on membership, advocacy, and organizational sustainability.  The plan will be presented to our board for comment and approval on June 12 and shared to membership upon its completion. 

We are excited for the opportunity that lies ahead and extremely grateful for the feedback we have received from you all along the way.


The convention planning team (Todd Bedard, Deborah Lawler, Todd Yatchysyn and Andrew Silverman) have been working diligently to put together a valuable educational and networking experience at Spooky Nook December 5-6th at our annual state conference. The program matrix is in the final stages and all details regarding the convention are coming together daily. Check the website for updates! 


We have been working with a non-profit attorney, Susan Ott, to review and make revisions to the by-laws. Our Governance committee has met with Susan to ensure that our bylaws not only are in compliance with updates in Pennsylvania Law but that they fit our organization's needs. We will share the final bylaws to the membership for comment at the end of June. The Governance committee will listen to that feedback and discuss with the board before finalizing new bylaws in July.

Please note, we are always open for your feedback! If there are comments, questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are so grateful for your support and feedback thus far, and look forward to many more years serving the health and physical educators, past, present and future of our great state! We are so grateful for the work you do every day to shape healthier futures for the students of Pennsylvania.


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