Why Blog? Why Not?

Has this conversation happened in your faculty rooms? “They don’t understand what we do in our physical education classes.” “They” could be administrators, school board members, or parents. “They” often make assumptions about what physical education is like based on their own experiences in school. “They” are often decision makers whose very decisions can make it hard to grow.

What if you could offer insight into your philosophy and what happens in your class? Sharing what you do creates opportunities for learning for all stakeholders. “They” would gain an understanding of your thoughts, how you help your students, and what your students are learningGeorge Couros says about blogging, “When we see ‘sharing’ as something that both supports and pushes us to be better, the big winner will always be the students.” I think we can all agree the students are why we do what we do.

So why not blog? In a recent episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Seth Godin said, “The death rate from blogging and public speaking is fairly low in this country.” Now that we know the worst thing that can happen to any human being is not likely to happen from blogging, you can now get started. What do you wish “they” knew? Write about it, including some pictures, videos, links to resources, or anything else that support your classroom story.

Blog for your professional learning network. Share educational ideas and philosophies. Take questions from twitter chats or online courses like IMMOOC and expand them in a blog. Challenge ways of thinking, debate over the status quo. Blogging can not only be a learning experience, it can be cathartic for the author. 

There are many free blog platforms. I think two of the easiest are WordPress and EduBlogs. There are free to set up and expandable as your audience grows. 

Why Blog? Why Not? If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. Life begins outside your comfort zone. Like I told a friend of mine as he expressed anxiety about clicking publish on his first blog, “Don’t worry about the first one, only your family and friends will read it. It’s the second one where growth must occur.”


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