Elevate 2.1 Schedule of Events 

Elevate 2.1 is a Virtual, Act 48 Eligible Professional Learning Series that is FREE for SHAPE PA Members from February to May 2021. To view sessions, all attendees must register through our learning management system. Those wishing to receive Act 48 should register directly with IU 5. (Link will be live when the platform launches Feb 1.) The sessions will be a mix of live and recorded sessions with opportunities to connect with the presenters and fellow attendees in a live session chat! Don't miss this great lineup in February focusing on culture, leadership, and team building!

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February Sessions: Making an Impact with Positive School Culture

Creating a Positive Classroom and School Culture
Craig Shapiro
February 10th, 7:00 pm

Having a positive culture in our classrooms and school leads to better academic performance, improved socialization, and improved morale for everyone. Let’s look at how each of us can make that happen. We will cover tips, strategies, benefits, and possible hurdles. This session is guaranteed to get you thinking about your own class or school!


Meet Kids of Every Age Where They Are
Rick Howard, West Chester University

February 15th, 7:00 pm

The constructs of health and wellness, physical literacy, and sport not in harmony with one another. This workshop will take participants along the developmental pathway of childhood and adolescence to show how a long-term approach to health and wellness, physical literacy, and sport meets the needs of kids where they are, leading to a physically literate society.


The Power of 30 Seconds
Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent Fall Creek School District 
February 18, 7:00 pm

960. That is the number of 30-second increments we get in an 8 hour day. 960 chances to change a life. 960 opportunities to share a story. 960 times to make a student, parent, or community member feel like they are part of your school. Moments have the ability to stick in our brains forever. A sight, smell, or taste brings us back to our childhood. We have a responsibility to be intentional about how we utilize these moments. The fact is simply this...you will be remembered, the only question is how. Every 30 seconds matter.


Opportunity for Some, Equity for All
Dr. Marlon Styles, K-12 DIVE Superintendent of the Year

February 23rd, 7 pm
Can you honestly say you are successfully serving all students? Education reform is critical to the success of all students resulting in opportunities for all, not just some. Discover the courage to acknowledge your bias, take action for all students, and facilitate an equity centered agenda. Millions of students across the country are yearning for an inclusive classroom environment. Let's deliver for them!