Current Advocacy Initiatives  

Three Ways to Support SHAPE America Backyard Advocacy Day, July 16th, 2020

1. Get educated on your state/school district reentry plans. Guide your members and community towards current news, reentry guidance, and SHAPE America’s re-entry considerations as well as the SHAPE PA re-entry considerations

2. Email a letter to your superintendent & school board. Letter writing is one of the most impactful ways to advocate. Check out this template letter and share it with your members!

3. Advocate on social media. Tag members of your state’s education leadership and encourage your members to tag their superintendent and members of their school board. Be sure to use the hashtag #SHAPEAdvocacy!


Here are some social media messages to get you started: 

Students will do their best when they’re active + healthy! Support #HPE! Participate in @SHAPE_America’s Online Backyard Advocacy Day! #SHAPEAdvocacy

Health + PE are part of a student’s well-rounded education + supports their path to health + physical literacy. #SHAPEAdvocacy (Tag your superintendent and school board members)

Health and Physical Education is essential for students' physical, mental, and social-emotional health! #SHAPEAdvocacy

Other Initiatives:

  • Reinstate the Health and Physical Education Advisor position at the ​Pennsylvania Department of Education

  • Approval of the proposed Pennsylvania Academic Standards and Outcomes for Health and Physical Education

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education's enforcement of no “waivers” from Physical Education nor the permitting of programs often referred to as "alternative" Physical Education