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Friday, November 12th, 2021 - Registration opens at 7:00 am

The Slope Side Dining Room opens at 7:00 am to purchase breakfast. We will have coffee, tea and water in the Ballroom. 

8:30am - 12:00pm Setting the Standard: The NEW Proposed PA State Health, Safety, and Physical Education Standards, Ballroom

This hands-on session will examine the proposed new skills-based standards that reflect current trends, practices, and concepts as well as appropriate terminology. Participants will be provided time to work with the new outcomes, applying them to areas in their own curricula, and will be aware of how the shift to skills-based standards will encourage all students to be lifelong and healthy learners.
12:00 - 1:00 pm  Lunch and Networking - The Bavarian Lounge and Slope Side Dining will be open to purchase lunch. 
1:00 - 2:20 pm  Keynote Spotlight Hour - Ballroom
This "Ted-Talk" style session allows each of our Keynote Spotlight Speakers to highlight key points that they will explore on a deeper level in their breakout sessions. These short, impactful, and meaningful sessions will set the stage for the afternoon breakout sessions. 
2:45 - 3:45 pm

Breakout Session #1
Kate Levalle, Ballroom
Kelly Boyd, Wintergreen
David Schmidt, Seasons 1&2
Bo Shappel, Seasons 3&4

3:50 - 4:50 pm Breakout Session #2
Kelly Boyd, Wintergreen
David Schmidt, Seasons 1&2
Bo Shappell, Seasons 3&4
The breakout sessions, led by the Keynote Spotlight Speakers will allow us to have one of the most important things missing in the past year, the chance to meet in person to learn and network without a computer screen! Each one-hour time slot offers 4 breakout sessions to choose from. (Descriptions below)



Session Descriptions  

Unlocking Potential

Kate Leavell
VP of Leadership Development, Jon Gordon Company

Kate is the VP of Leadership Development for the Jon Gordon Companies where she creates and delivers content for workshops based on Jon's proven principles, develops collegiate leadership infrastructure, delivers training, workshops, consulting, and keynotes, and advises all levels of business leadership and sports teams across the country. She is the coauthor of Stick Together with Bestselling author and speaker Jon Gordon. Kate’s presentation focus at the SHAPE PA Conference is to speak with groups to provide a little renewed energy, some of who were looking for tools to overcome adversity and change. She will unlock the potential of young professionals and veteran professionals as we embark on the new challenges of education. 


Beyond Masks and Quarantine: Making the Affective Pivot in Your Health Education Classroom

Dr. Kelly Boyd
East Stroudsburg University
2012 SHAPE PA University Health Educator of the Year


Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to reflect on pandemic lessons and post COVID warnings and reset our approach in the health education classroom. With significant increases in social isolation, changes in routine, and profound loss, we are seeing subsequent increases in loneliness, anxiety, depression, and other emotional well-being and mental health issues in our learners. If teachers are expected to “meet learners where they are,” then let’s create classrooms that are responsive to these challenges. Let’s create classrooms that encourage emotional growth and human connection. As teachers, we need to reset, pivot, and lean into the affective domain.

During the keynote spotlight hour, I will make the case for why health educators need to think beyond just health content and skills-based health. In the breakout sessions, we will tap into some widely used psychosocial health education constructs and talk about why your learners change behavior. And, we will use that as an impetus to take a deeper dive into reimaging a health education classroom that meaningfully and purposefully plans for and assesses the affective domain and appreciates what I have dubbed the “objective trifecta.”   

Disconnect to Reconnect:  Lessons Learned from a Pandemic

Bo Shapell
Daniel Boone Middle School
2019 SHAPE PA Middle School Teacher of the Year


When the pandemic changed the landscape of education, many educators spent countless hours going out of their comfort zone, creating new digital content, and responding to students at all hours of the day.  For some, we spent so much time in front of a screen that we needed to set healthy boundaries and disconnect.  For others, we didn’t have any meaningful relationships with our students.  Due to the challenges of technology, the lack of connection between teacher and student was exasperated.  Now that many schools are back face-to-face, students and teachers are hungry to reconnect.  How can we reconnect and reestablish meaningful relationships with our students? 

Reflect on what kind of connection you had with your students during the pandemic.  Now that you are back face-to-face, do you still notice any of your students struggling to develop meaningful relationships and dialogue?  Learn how a made-up word, COMCHI, can REIMAGINE how we provide instruction that takes relationship-building to the next level.  According to a Harvard study, one of the keys to happiness is connection.  It also plays a key role in supporting positive mental health.  Let’s reset and make this year all about reconnection.

We Call it Health & Physical Education, Inspiring Change by Telling Stories of Health Throughout Physical Education.

David Schmidt
North Allegheny Department Chair
2005 SHAPE PA High School PE Teacher of the Year



Why did you become a Health & Physical education teacher? Upon reflection, I expect that it is because you care about kids and want the best for each of your students particularly when it comes to their health and wellbeing. If that is your goal maybe it's time to reimagine more effective ways of achieving that goal than simply ensuring that students are active for the time they are in your class. Over the past several years I’ve reset my focus to provide short breaks throughout each lesson for students to recover over discussing health topics that tie into our lesson focus for the day. This focus has helped my students expand what I teach beyond the classroom and encourages them to become lifelong learners.

During the keynote spotlight hour, I will share why I feel this is so important and the key resources I use. Through the breakout session, I will share more specific examples as we work together in a roundtable format to discuss resources as a group and create plans for how to embed the resources within our lessons.


Standards and Outcome Committee Presenters

Dr. Cindy Allen
Lock Haven University


Dr. Cindy Allen, Emeritus Lock Haven University professor, retired from the college in 2017 with 24 years of teaching as well as teaching 14 years in public schools. In 2015, Dr. Allen obtained her Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility.  Her responsibilities while at the university included teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in both the Department of Health and Physical Education and in the Department of Health Sciences.  Dr. Allen served as PSAHPERD’s President in 2013 and received PSAHPERD’s highest recognition, the Elmer B. Cottrell Award, the Elementary Teacher of the Year, and the University Health Education Teacher of the Year.  She also received the Professional Honor Awards for both PSAHPERD and SHAPE’s Eastern District as well as Eastern District’s Linda Woods Huber Award in 2019.  She is one of the writers for the new PA Academic Standards and Outcomes as well as working on the new professional training and the Assessment Tool kit to accompany the new Standards and Outcomes.  


Dr. Kimberley Razzano
East Stroudsburg University 



Dr. Kimberley A. Razzano is a professor and Department Chair for the Department of Health Studies at East Stroudsburg University. Her responsibilities include serving as department chair, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in pedagogy, sexuality, and disease prevention. She was PSAHPERD president in 2012, Ethel Encke Service Award winner in 2016, and Elmer B. Cottrell Award winner in 2018. She has received TOY, Professional Honor Awards for both SHAPE PA and EDA. In 2021, she received the Linda Woods Huber Award for EDA. Presently she is one of the 4 writers for theNew Pennsylvania Health Physical Education State Standards and Assessment Tool Kit. Her most memorable area of service was during her presidential year for PSAHPERD in 2012 and again in 2013. The Capital to Capitol ONE Ride was a 153-mile cycle trip from Harrisburg PA to our nation’s Capital. Between both rides over 20,000 dollars was raised and is now being used for schools and community agencies to apply for grants to implement physical activity and healthy eating programs toward obesity prevention.


Jeff Jacobs
Methacton School District


Jeff Jacobs recently retired from the Methacton School District where he taught elementary Health and Physical Education and served as the K-6 HPE Coordinator and K-12 Department Chair. Prior to that, he served as the Assistant to the Headmaster, and Health and Physical Education Department Chair, at The Shipley School. Jeff continues to be very active in the field by contributing to the proposed PA State HPE Academic Standards and Outcomes, advocating for HPE, and presenting workshops. His website,, provides up-to-date information in many areas of Physical Education. Jeff has been the recipient of numerous awards including the SHAPE America District Teacher of the Year (Eastern District).


Jenifer Butz
Northern Leigh School District 


Ms. Jennifer V. Butz is a physical education teacher at Northern Lehigh School District. She has been teaching elementary health and physical education in the public school setting since 2007. Ms. Butz completed her undergraduate degree at Lock Haven University in the Health and Physical Education program. Her master’s degree in Classroom Technology was completed at Wilkes University. Ms. Butz is currently an ABD doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is conducting her dissertation research on physical education teacher perceptions of utilizing exergames to develop physical literacy.


Dr. Jennifer Rudella
Lock Haven University


Dr. Jennifer L. Rudella is currently an Associate Professor at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Health Science and has been teaching in higher education for over six years.  Her teaching career began in public education where she taught elementary physical education, adapted physical education, high school health education, high school physical education, and lifetime fitness for five years.  Research interests include exergames, fitness testing, integrating technology in health and physical education curricula, skills-based health education, and student motivation.  Her Pennsylvania licenses include an Instructional II teaching certification in health and physical education and a Supervisory certification in PreK-12 curriculum and instruction.  She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Incorporated.  Dr. Rudella completed her undergraduate degree at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in the Health and Physical Education program.  Her master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion was acquired from the California University of Pennsylvania.  Her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction was completed at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.




Nick Slotterback is the Safe Schools Coordinator for the Office for Safe Schools in the Pennsylvania Department of Education. He graduated from Lock Haven University and received his Master’s Degree in Education. Nick taught elementary and middle school health and physical education from 2005 to 2016 in the Midwest School District where he also served as the Curriculum Coordinator of Health and Physical Education. In addition to teaching, Nick coached JV basketball at Midd-West and Lewisburg Area School District as well as Varsity Track and Field at Lewisburg Area School District. Nick also served as an Educational Consultant for Playworld Play Systems 2006-2018 as well as held the position of the Health and Physical Education Advisor at PDE 2016-2019. Nick currently lives in Harrisburg with his wife and two children.