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Thursday, December 1, 2022

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Registration Open

10:00 am-12:00 pm 

School Wellness Education Discussion, Motivate A
Gary Clark and SRU Faculty 

This session will provide a discussion forum for school districts that have recently updated their HPE curriculum to have a greater focus on why physical education/physical activity enhances students' well-being. This session is required for school districts that are part of the school wellness grant through the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit and Slippery Rock University. This session is also open to any teacher or professional who is interested in learning more about updating their HPE curriculum and the School Wellness Education model

11:00 - 1:00 pm Past Presidents Lunch, Inspire

1:00 - 4:30 pm

Understanding the PA Health and Physical Education PreK-12 Knowledge and Skills-Based Outcomes, Motivate A
HPE PIC Committee Members, Dr. Jennifer Rudella, Nick Slotterback, Jeff Jacobs, Dr. Kim Razzano, Dr. Cindy Allen, Dr. Jennifer Butz

This half-day session provides in-depth training on the PA HPED outcomes. Participants will learn the curriculum mapping process as it would be utilized in the development of their Health and Physical Education curriculum.

4:30 - 6:00 pm

All conference happy hour - free appetizers and a cash bar! Mezzanine

6:00 - 6:30 pm

Linda Woods Huber Appreciation Award & Donor Recognition, Mezzanine

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Awards pre-reception, Mezzanine

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Ticketed Event: SHAPE PA Awards Celebration, Integrity B

Friday, December 2nd 

8:00 - 9:00 am

Creating a classroom of Calm,  Integrity A
Linda Miller

The goal of this session is to enhance your physical, mental/emotional, and social learning environment.  Activities in this session will include;

  • Encouraging participation throughout the class with instant opening activities 
  • Designing your physical classroom environment for calm
  • Motivating students 
  • Generating flow in your class
  • Establishing relationships with practical conversation starters
  • Activating a safe space for ALL students
  • Being a facilitator of knowledge rather than a lecturer

Creating a classroom culture of calm begins with you, the teacher/facilitator.  In addition to learning new ideas, please bring your own and share! It is not required but welcomed!   

Just Do it! Court 2
Nick Kline, US Games

You don’t want to miss this dynamic and inspiring session focused on physical activity. We will explore multiple ways to engage students in movement experiences during the school day, including in the classroom, at recess, after-school, and through family engagement. Topics will span a wide range of grade and interest levels and can easily be implemented immediately. We know the importance of 60 minutes of MVPA every day. Be the advocate to help make this happen. In other words, "Just Do It!”

Team Building Through Fitness Activities, Court 6
Dr. Liz Dlugolecki (SHAPE PA and SHAPE America Eastern District Middle School PE Teacher of the Year) and Dr. Elizabeth Foster, (Adapted Teacher of the Year)

The combination of relationship-building and physical activities is beneficial and enjoyable for students in secondary physical education.  In this session, you will participate in age-appropriate and innovative team-building activities that focus on the use of fitness and the cognitive aspect of relationship-building.   These team-building activities can be revised or utilized within your program.  Informal affective domain assessments will also be presented in this session.   

Engaging Students with Autism and Multiple Disabilities in PE, Sport Court 13
Nicole McCoy and Christina Portelli

Come for two presentations in 1! Participants will learn teaching strategies for working with, and including, individuals with Autism. Participants will then learn about the use of assistive technology for engaging students with multiple disabilities and will have the opportunity to see and use devices

Designing Digital Portfolios, Resumes, and Interviewing Skills Motivate B

Dr. Joanne Leight and David Schmidt

9:15 - 10:30 am 

Keynote, Mark Friedrich

10:45-11:45 am

InstaPE, Court 2
Chance Condran & Alenna Condran

Participate in instant activities & cooperative games that you can start using in your PE classes right away! 

Can you SEL Your Outdoor Adventure Activities? Court 6
Tari Garner 

Collaborate with other physical educators to discover opportunities for social and emotional lessons through outdoor adventure activities. Outdoor activities encourage social skill development including patience, collaboration, responsibility, persistence, and personal self-awareness!  Learn to work on attention skills through an outdoor adventure hunt, teach self-control, patience, and perseverance through a fishing unit, or responsible decision-making, respect, and collaboration through camping and hiking.  Explore best practices for Outdoor Adventure curriculum delivery K - 12! 

Teaching Tennis in PE, No Courts Required! Sport Court 12
Tony Stingley, USTA 

Tennis is a sport that can be learned at a young age and, unlike other sports, played for a lifetime, appealing across all age demographics making it attractive to families as well as Individuals. The USTA is committed to helping teachers introduce tennis to their PE students and offers all the resources to make this happen at NO COST. Our presentation will be an interactive workshop that teaches the tools needed to add Tennis in PE lesson(s) to your curriculum.  We highly recommend that Tennis in PE be taught in the gym - NO courts required!  

Creating a High School Strength and Conditioning Program, Integrity B
Justin Kulik, Keri Kulik (SHAPE PA University PE Teacher of the Year)

Creating a successful high school strength and conditioning program requires a collaborative effort from teachers, coaches, administrators, and athletes.  This session will describe one school’s success in creating such a program and will provide participants with the blueprints to build their own program.  An overview of pre-season, in-season, and off-season programs will be provided along with specific activities and drills for speed and power development.  Facility design, scheduling, and opportunities for equipment grants will also be discussed.  

Meaningful PE.Integrity A
David Schmidt

Meaningful PE is about finding ways to make the things that we teach meaningful for each individual student. It is not necessarily changing what we teach but finding ways to differentiate it and allow students the freedom to make it fit their personal needs and personalities.
Start by recognizing that we all come into experiences seeing them through our own lens. As people who have made the choice to teach HPE for a living our lenses are likely significantly different than many students. We must keep this in the forefront of our minds as we work with students to meet them where they are and work on influencing them towards a better life rather than pushing them through our lens.

ComChi with Me, Mezzanine
Bo Shappell (SHAPE PA Middle School PE Teacher of the Year)

How do you foster genuine connections? Do your students struggle to develop meaningful relationships and dialogue? Find out how we can take relationship-building to the next level utilizing a new team-building prop, Comchi™. Learn how a fun, multifaceted, and interactive card game of questions, reflections, and metaphors can foster self-awareness and encourage meaningful connections among your students. Participants will leave this presentation with a full comprehension of the true meaning of Comchi.  

Future Professionals Round Tables, Motivate B

11:45 - 1:00 Lunch and Networking, Mezzanine

1:00 - 2:00

Checking for Understanding of the PA Health and Physical Education PREK-12 Knowledge and Skills-Based Outcomes, Inspire and Motivate A
Nicholas Slotterback, Dr. Kimberley Razzano (SHAPE PA University Health Teacher of the Year), Jeff Jacobs (SHAPE PA Elementary Teacher of the Year), Dr. Jennifer Butz, Dr. Jennifer Rudella, Dr. Cindy Allen

This one-hour session focuses on supporting health and physical education teachers on questions as well as provides assistance in understanding the PA HPED Pre-K-12 Knowledge and Skills-based Outcomes.  

Interactive Skill-based Health Education, Integrity B
Dr. Jenna Fisher, Dr. Elizabeth Foster (SHAPE PA Adapted PE Teacher of the Year)

This session will showcase different interactive methods to get your students involved in skills-based health education. Plan to interact (at your will) as you rotate through a variety of stations aligned to the National Health Education Standards that are designed to teach skills and content in K-12 health education. 

The Hidden Potential of PE, Court 2
Bo Shappell (SHAPE PA Middle School PE Teacher of the Year)

Most people see the value in teaching competitive team sports but are missing the hidden potential of physical education. Can PE really become the training ground for fostering social-emotional learning? Learn how to balance a curriculum that infuses a growth mindset, strengthens the mind-body connection, and encourages self-discovery through movement. Participants will leave this presentation with activities that bridge the core competencies of CASEL with the standards and grade-level outcomes from SHAPE.

Instant Activities and Fun Games to Get Students Moving! Court 6
Mike Bonitatibus

From Three Finger Tag to Ant Tag to Rock, Paper, Scissor Run.  It's all tag games to get kids moving again.  I have compiled over 40 different fun games that require little to no equipment.  I'd like to show some of my favorites and then allow the people who participate to read through the packet and decide what other activities they'd like to see.  This class will have you moving A LOT, but we'll also have breaks for questions and maybe even talk strategy.  I'd like this to be a fun session that puts us back to the days of our childhood, getting up off our feet and experiencing the games firsthand.  People may choose whether or not they would like to participate, but the more people who'd like to run around the better. Every participant will come away with instructions on how to play the games.  Let's have fun!

OPEN up to Adventure, Sport Court 13
Mark Friedrich

This energizing team-building presentation will provide participants of all levels with an immediate collection of WINNING cooperative activities that promote Team Building, SEL Skills, & Communication Skills in any classroom setting with NO equipment necessary. Activities & concepts presented in this session are designed to give all participants a positive feeling of belonging & connection in the group setting.


Putting Face on Addiction: Using Literacy to Build Understanding, Integrity A
Joe Reardon (SHAPE PA High School Health Teacher of the Year)

Do you feel like something has been missing from your Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco, & Medicine Unit at the secondary level? In this session, we will discuss how reading a memoir of one family's experience can help students develop a better understanding of what addiction truly is and can bridge the gap between society’s perception of addiction and how addiction impacts the lives of everyone involved. By utilizing various literacy strategies, students are able to engage in their reading and learning at a deeper level. Students immerse themselves in the story, Beautiful Boy: by David Sheff - “A father’s journey through his son’s meth addiction.” Students navigate the family and social dynamics of addiction, the psychological and physiological behaviors of addiction, and the resources available to help those suffering from addiction personally or who have a loved one dealing with addiction. Differentiation options will be discussed to make this available to all learners. 

Help Physical Education Survive and Thrive, Integrity B
Bev Martin, SHAPE PA Advocacy Chair

Purposeful Planning of Space for Maximum Engagement, Court 2
Beverly Marhevka (SHAPE PA Middle School Teacher of the Year)

In this session, we will demonstrate and share various activities that can be used with large class sizes. Throughout the session, we will include creative strategies on how to best utilize your gym space as well as simple ways to incorporate health-related content into your physical education classes. This session is geared towards the middle school age group, but could easily be adapted to work in elementary and high school settings. 

Rolling Forward, Sport Court 12
Mike Kuhn, PA Interscholastic Bike League

Learn how to bring a mountain bike program to your school district. 

Teaching Disability Sport in a Physical Education Setting, Court 6
Dr. Wendy Fagan & SRU Adapted Physical Activity/Physical Education students

Attendees will gain an understanding of how to introduce disability sports to school-age students with and without disabilities. They will learn how to promote inclusion within their schools by increasing their understanding of adapted sports and their modifications. There will be opportunities to participate in several disability sports.

3:30 - 4:30

Better Than Ever! Court 2
Nick Kline, US Games

Come celebrate the joy of teaching physical education in this engaging session. Whether you teach at the elementary or secondary level, this session will provide activities and strategies that promote best practices and high-quality physical education. Participants will leave with ideas that target a variety of outcomes, including skill, fitness, and personal/social responsibility. Show your students how physical education is "Better than Ever!

Keeping it Real and Relevant with Byrnes Health Education, Integrity B
Lydia Seifert

We know that so many health and physical educators are looking for ways to keep their programs relevant and exciting, so we’ll be sharing some of our quick, interactive activities. We also know that health education is a field that is constantly changing, so we’ll highlight some of our most relevant programs today like mental health and character education. We’ll even share information about how to get Byrnes into your schools. We’re looking forward to connecting and learning with all of you! 

Connection CRAZE, Court 6
Mark Friedrich

This energizing team-building presentation focuses on sharing classic adventure-based cooperative activities that are facilitated from a CIRCLE Formation and are geared to forming human connections at ALL levels. Circle Up will share some favorite Icebreakers, Energizers, Problem Solvers, & Trust Builders that promote social skills and relationship building in and team setting. Activities in this presentation work great when the gymnasium is unavailable and you find yourself in a classroom