SHAPE PA recognizes and celebrates the dedication, achievement, and excellence of those in our profession.


Available Awards: 


Health Education
Teacher of the Year
(K-12 & University)

Physical Education
Teacher of the Year
(Elementary, Middle School, 
High School & University)

K-12 Dance Education
Teacher of the Year

Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year 

Elmer B. Cottrell Award

Ethel G. Enke Award

Professional Honor 

Thom Cobb Emerging
Leader Award


Outstanding Future

Violet Baumgardner 



The Linda Woods Huber Appreciation Awards

Applicant Considerations:

  • Individuals may nominate themselves for an award

  • Nominations for multiple teachers of the year awards and/or special awards are acceptable if the criteria are met
Letters of recommendation for the award candidates may not be from any awards committee members (due to a conflict of interest)
Award winners cannot be on the awards committee or the Board of Directors (with the exception of the professional honor award) due to a conflict of interest
  • Award winners can only receive the same award once in a lifetime.
  • Award candidates who are eligible for two Teacher of the Year awards will be given the award in which they received the highest score (the individual will not be eligible for both awards)
  • Award winners can receive one Teacher of the Year and one Association Award maximum per year. Association awards include:
    • Professional Honor Award
    • Elmer B. Cottrell Award
    • Layman Award
    • Ethel G. Encke Award
    • Legislative Honor Award